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The Effect of Playing Sports

There is no country where playing sports is not allowed. All men are free to do it, whether man or woman. If there is a situation where you can go for athletic grounds or clubs,  it would be better for you to pursue it.  If you play sports, you will discover the talent hidden in you. You will come to discover what you are strong at.  It is fact that there are people who does not like playing sports because they do not know how. Ironically,  they watch athletic performances.  This means that athletic places are good places where you can be trained no matter what happens.

There are so many athletes who have gone to the world for international competition such as World Cups and Universiade. This made a wide range of playing sports in the whole world,  not just any sports but athletic sports such as football,  the most famous athletic sport in the world.

People can be more healthy when they are playing sports.  There is no need to exercise because by playing,  you will be physically fit. This is the effect of playing sports.

Plus you will gain fame and rewards that make you satisfied and feel you have reached the top. There is no way you can make sure that you will be perfect unless you practice daily.

Another effect of playing sport is that you will be focusing only in this field and many of the important people and things you have to face will be deprived from your attention. This is somewhat a negative effect.